ABC Policy for Allocation and Sale of Special Liquors

The Weaverville ABC Board has adopted the following policy related to the allocation and sale of special liquors:

  1. Special liquors are allocated as follows: 1/3 for mixed beverage, 1/3 for lottery sales, 1/3 for periodic shelf sales in the When uneven amounts are available then the preferential order is as follows: mixed beverage orders, then lottery, then shelf sale. Special liquors reserved for mixed beverage purchase are subject to reallocation if unsold within 30 days.
  2. A lottery sale winner is provided an opportunity to purchase the liquor at the stated price as determined by the ABC Commission. Lottery sales are subject to availability and the date and time of all lotteries will be posted at the front of the store at least two weeks in advance of the drawing.
  3. ABC Board members and ABC store employees are prohibited from participating in any lottery sales. Immediate family members of ABC Board members and/or employees can participant in the lottery sale as long as the related ABC Board member or employee does not participate in the lottery activities, including the
  4. Participants in lottery sales are limited to only one entry per person and must be present to win the opportunity to purchase the special liquor.
  5. Shelf sales of special liquors within the store will not be announced in advance and will be subject to Sales of shelf sale bottles are limited to one bottle per person. Interested purchasers can come by the store to see if any bottles are available.